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lunes, 2 de marzo de 2009

Dragon Quest V - La prometida celestial

Aqui esta el porque no conseguia pasar de la primera pantalla del Barco, despues de hablar con todos los miembros, romper los baules y etc.

Dragon Quest 5: Hand of the Heavenly Bride for the Nintendo DS released on July 17th has been proven to have anti-piracy measures that prevent bootleg copies of the game from working properly. As reported by Yahoo Japan, game characters in the opening scene will be caught in a never ending boat ride instead of progressing forward in the game.
Japanese message boards began to light up on July 16th as gamers began to wonder why their characters were still on the same boat one hour after getting on it. Rumours Square-Enix had implemented a “Copy Guard” began to circulate along with the logical theories such as a programming bug. The Anti-piracy theory was confirmed by Square-Enix public relations, “If gamers are playing a pirated copy the ship from the opening scene will never reach port. This is an Anti-piracy measure we decided to implement.”. A quick scan of the Japanese message boards reveal firmware and cheat code based solutions have apparently already been developed that allow gamers to get past the anti-piracy measures.

Que cabroneeess...xDD
Sino lo entendeis, lo traduciis que a mi me da pereza.
Si no ya lo traducire mas adelante!=P

El rom que me baje era de EspalDS

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Anonymous dijo...Responder

podrías comentar algo sobre la entrada anterior , no?

Ronny dijo...Responder

tuu si miras en espalnds t ncuentras la room ya parcheada!

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